Blog Post 1 – Digital Advertising Predictions

What advertising trends do you think will impact the future of digital advertising?

With the amount of advancements made in even just the past ten years, its incredible to think what can come next. Unfortunately, many of our current “ways” will be irrelevant in the years to come leaving some food-for-thought room on what will remain. Going into this discussion I took a look at what those in the tech and digital worlds were thinking but also looked at what I personally used the most.


Oh, yes…one thing that is undeniable is my love for Amazon. The power behind online shopping has paved the road for a whole new way to get what you want, right at your door step. We have seen this trend evolve over the years starting with home shopping networks such as QVC to online sites such as Amazon, eBay and just about every store you shop at having an eCommerce site. Did you know…Amazon held 38% of eCommerce market share in 2016? This number is only expected to rise and I am sure we will start seeing other companies comparable to Amazon pop up in the future.

Top 10 public companies ranked buy U.S. e-commerce sales

2. Raise your hand if you are on social media platforms!
Image result for raising hand emoji girl

The truth is, social media has become apart of most everyone’s (i know) life. Whether its to keep up with your friends and family or even to network in the business world, social media is king. Traditional methods remain reliable and still valuable to companies, but sometimes just don’t offer the filtered results social media channels can. There have been so many advancements in metrics for businesses to advertise, target audiences to be narrowed down and the chance for the once small company’s time to shine. I’ve been fortunate to spend some time managing pages for local companies on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and on a personal level love how many new products, companies and services I have come across just by searching on different platforms. I can honestly say as well, that when I am looking into purchasing something or eating somewhere new, I look them up on Facebook to see pictures, reviews, menus, etc.

3. “Hey, Alexa!” (don’t worry, Siri, I didn’t forget about you) – Artificial Intelligence 

Image result for alexa vs siri

Voice recognition is strong in this one. If any of you have an echo dot, you will know that the “skills”, Alexa is capable of are incredible. We recently got one for our home and still have yet to touch the surface of what “she” is able to do. From being able to turn on and off lights, security systems, add items to “lists”, play your favorite songs, purchase items for you from your Amazon account, reminders, make calls, to so much more, this is only the beginning for other A.I. technologies.

Our world is evolving faster and faster, every day. I feel that with a combination of trends and technology, this is what will fuel the advertising of tomorrow. We as humans are designed to evolve and not just physically.




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